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We are a team of smart, driven and relentless individuals who can make it happen for your business.

WHY CHOOSE USBecause we are Reliable

We have experience in designing & implementing viable solutions according to your needs in the areas of Business Intelligence/Big Data.

OUR MISSIONTo deliver on-time & on-budget

Our mission is to 'Get the job done' for our clients/partners using available resources on-time and on-budget.

WHAT WE DOMake our Customers happy

We take pride in your business as much as we do in our business, guaranteeing a people first approach to any problems you may need help with.

Our Promise

Our expertise is in making Business Intelligence technology simpler, stress free & actionable for you to make things happen in your business.

With so many options, services, and products available, choosing exactly what your business needs to grow can be overwhelming, confusing and difficult. We understand how stressful this can be, which is why we are here.

We provide all in one technology strategies including specialized data, analytical solutions and professional support for small to large businesses.

We take pride in our clients’ business as much as we do in our business, guaranteeing a people first approach to any problems you may need help with.

Contact us to hear more about our worry and stress free solutions for your business. We strive to cover all angles no matter how big or small.

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We look forward to hearing from you and getting started on helping grow your business.

Introducing Why Analytics Matters, a new series in which our team will research and uncover inspiring ways BigData, Analytics and Cloud are transforming enterprises. Check out our HIGH FIVE.

Our Services

Team Clutch provides all in one technology strategies including Analytics, BigData, Cloud, Data Integration and Support for small to large businesses in implementing solutions to achieve growth and excellence.

Accelerator Program

Our Accelerator Program is designed to act as a catalyst in enabling business to go from 'Issue to Outcome' rapidly to overcome challenges and to achieve excellence.


We specialize in establishing access to right Analytics to empower personnel in the organization to fact based comprehension and go beyond intuition when making decisions.


We provide range of services covering assessments, design, development and deploying BigData Application with agility and cost-effectively.


We offer migration service to move applications to AWS and end-to-end design to deployment of Business Intelligence and BigData Application in the cloud.

Data Integration

We design and develop end-to-end Data Integration platform using right set of technologies to provide cleaner data, meaningful insights and better user experience.


We provide cost-effective on-demand and periodic support in the areas of Maintenance, Enhancements and Talent to augment in-house teams.


Founded in 1975, Information Builders offers industry’s most comprehensive Business Intelligence platform which is easy-to-use and its business analytics/performance management capabilities promotes a proactive business culture that helps organizations gain a competitive edge.
Information Builders and Team Clutch together can make you and your organizations better in gaining competitive advantage and improving business performance.

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